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Traveling to Cat Tien national park, you yourself would be in a quiet immense world where you could discover the primeval and enchanting beauty of forest orchids or listen to footsteps of nocturnal animals (Safari night); discover Crocodile Lake wetland which has been recognized as one of the international importance Ramsay networks on 04/8/2005…


Many visitors come to Cat Tien National Park to see primates: especially gibbons and langur monkeys, and birds: including such specialties as Ger main’s peacock pheasant, bar-bellied pitta and the rare endemic orange-necked partridge; although less rare, birds such as the Siamese fire back and green peacock are notoriously easy to see here.

Seeing a gibbon family in the forest can be a truly wonderful experience: it involves waking-up before dawn, walking into the forest and waiting quietly for two ‘dawn choruses’. First, the bird-song, then the much louder call of the golden-cheeked gibbons marking their territory. Your guide will follow the call and if you are lucky you will see a whole family of this endangered and endemic species in the tree-tops. This needs planning though: the maximum number in a group is four people.

If not staying at the Crocodile Lake, a 45 minute night tour can be done: you will probably see deer, other animals such as civets, porcupines and wild pigs are a bonus. If you are lucky, you may see gaur.

Cat Tien National Park
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Cat Tien National Park 2 days tour

2 days
Tour information Price From:1,900,000VND Tour Length:Tour 2 days / 1 night Tour Type:Day trips Start From:Ho Chi Minh City Tour route:Ho Chi Minh...
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Cat Tien National Park 1 day tour

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Cat Tien National Park is a treasure trove of biodiversity. Here in the tropical forests of southern Vietnam live some of the world’s most...
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